Weldmark 3.0

Raylase has unveiled the new version of its flexible and sophisticated laser marking and material processing software, Weldmark 3.0, and has set what it claims is a new benchmark in laser-based 3D processing.

Raylase says Weldmark 3.0 stands out due to its full 3D processing functionality. This enables customers to use the full performance of its three-axis submodules, such as the Raylase product lines Axialscan and Focusshifter.

Weldmark 3.0 provides additional functionality for a range of 3D laser processes, such as deep engraving, laser drilling and laser cutting. Weldmark 3.0 is easy to use for advanced 3D processes like trepanning or glass cutting.

The 3D processing information can simply be imported, such as from a 3D-DXF file that already contains the 3D processing geometry. Customers can also import 3D processing information via an .stl file in combination with the common file formats like 2D-DXF, PLT and HPG.