g2T-Scan scanning beam-profiler

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LIMO has introduced its g2T-Scan two-in-one beam profiler and scanning system. The system can transform Gaussian beams into homogeneous 'top hat' profiles, and a scan-method is achieved by way of galvo mirrors and a specially designed f-theta objective lens.

This system is constructed for laser direct material structuring with conventional single-mode lasers, specifically at 532 nm. The system is particularly well-suited to solar cell manufacturing. Standard spot sizes of 50 x 50µm² are able to structure high-precision grooves with smooth edges, in contrast to the typical sawtooth-patterns caused by Gaussian beams. Moreover, the process window is enhanced and thermal damages are reduced by the homogeneous profile. A precise ablation of thin films is possible without damaging layers below. In comparison to Gaussian beams, the throughput can also be increased by utilisation of g2T-profiles due to smaller pulse-to-pulse spatial overlaps. The scan field size amounts to 155 x 155mm² so that standard solar cells can be structured cost-effectively in one production run with high throughput.