WFM2300 series

Tektronix has launched the portable WFM2300 Series of waveform monitors. The WFM2300 measurement and monitoring features allow engineers to isolate, diagnose, and resolve system issues quickly.

The product provides eye pattern and jitter measurement capability as well as cable simulator/margin tests, optical interfaces with SFP (Small Form factor Pluggable) module, Dolby E monitoring, loudness meter, in addition to the all features available in the existing WFM2200.

The instrument is portable, engineered for low power consumption with a large bright LED back panelled LCD screen and replaceable battery, and is suitable for engineers troubleshooting problems in the field or within facilities.

The Eye/Jitter measurement feature helps to identify issues in the physical layer. The cable simulation and margin test capabilities, available from Tektronix, assists in determining the coax cable margin of a system to ensure it does not reach the 'digital cliff', where the transmission error rate significantly increases.

Engineers can also use a variety of status displays to ensure compliance to the standards and verify audio, video and data specifications. The video/audio test signals output from embedded test signal generator with Genlock capability can be used for identifying the signal path through a coax and optical interface.