WT1800E power analyser

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Yokogawa Europe has launched the WT1800E power analyser, a complete power analysis solution for lighting engineers and designers.

The WT1800E has been designed to measure voltage, current and THD (Using its G5/G6 options) simultaneously.  It has six input channels to accommodate three-phase systems and other applications requiring multiple input channels.

Whether analysing multiphase inputs during motor and drive design or meeting the stringent efficiency standards of photovoltaic inverters, the WT1800E provides the versatility needed to help engineers bring their product concepts successfully to market.

Key features of the WT1800E include: guaranteed power accuracy of 0.05 per cent of reading plus 0.05 per cent of range; capable of harmonics analysis up to the 500th order of a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency; accuracy can be further improved with calibration at Yokogawa's ISO 17025 accredited lab.