X-LASE laser for micro-machining

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Rofin has released its ultra short pulsed X-LASE fibre laser for micro machining.

X-LASE is an ultra short (10-30ps) pulsed fibre laser which has been optimised for micro-machining having a spot size of 10-30µm. The high average power of up to 24W is achieved using an adjustable pulse frequency of between 1 to 4MHz.


The ultra short laser pulses combined with high beam quality allows heat sensitive materials and densely populated devices to be successfully processed by significantly reducing the heat affected zone and shock affected zone on the component therefore eliminating the main sources of quality problems.


The fibre technology employed by X-LASE offers a series of options on optical configuration including a range of galvo heads, which enables multiple parts to be processed simultaneously. This provides users and integrators with a system which is not only compact in size but powerful and highly flexible in the ways in which it can be employed.


The typical applications for X-LASE include: micro-grooving, micro-drilling and micro-cutting.