Microscopy stand for SC5000 camera

Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) has announced a new microscopy stand that enables its SC5000 cooled IR camera to provide a complete solution for infrared microscopy applications in electronics, biotechnology and nanotechnology. The new microscopy stand, when used with a 5x macro lens and a SC5000 camera, provides spatial resolution down to 3µm per pixel without loss of dynamics or measurement accuracy.

The SC5000 camera is designed as an affordable device with which users can perform thermal imaging at high spatial resolution with high sensitivity and accuracy. With a choice of 320 x 240 or 640 x 512 pixels format InSb focal plane array delivers respectively a 100 or 380Hz frame rate while maintaining linearity and sensitivity. The company's read out electronics provides low noise and high pixel rate without compromising sensitivity. The SC5000 is a plug and play device, using either GigE or Camlink interfaces to transmit both commands and full dynamic range digital video.