XPS-GCODE Conversion software

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Newport has introduced its XPS-GCODE Conversion software, a new interface that works with the company’s XPS Universal Motion Controller.

The software can read, convert, and edit G-code and execute in the XPS controller. The conversion software features a 3D display with a real-time, active tool indicator; it generates smooth motion routines along optimised trajectories with controlled velocity. Once the laser is activated, additional XPS control is available using the multiple digital and analogue input/output devices.

For real-time process control, Newport’s software is Windows-compatible and communicates over TCP/IP. In addition to laser machining, the XPS-GCODE is capable of handling a wide array of high precision machining processes. File conversion and transfer to the XPS for execution is all automated with several different execution options. For added convenience, the conversion process is simple and can be performed by multiple users networked to a single controller.