Coloured-glass alternative filters

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Newport has introduced its new series of coloured-glass alternative filters, which it says feature exceptional durability in any environment. The new product line offers 34 long-wave pass thin film filters in four standard sizes to provide equivalent-to-superior spectral performance when compared to industry-standard coloured-glass filters. The alternative filters are ideal for applications where very-steep transitions from blocking to high transmission, are required. Notably, and unlike many standard coloured-glass filters, Newport's alternative filters do not contain any hazardous substances (e.g. cadmium or lead), making them fully RoHS compliant.

Newport's Stabilife coating technology produces thin film coatings that are durable even under harsh environmental conditions. The new coloured-glass alternative filters are suitable for applications in spectroscopy, optoelectronics, environmental monitoring, immunodiagnostic testing, and DNA analysis. The filters have been tested per ISO 8424 and have significantly higher stain resistance than comparable glass filters (SR1 rating >100 hours exposure to 0.5M/1 HNO3). Excellent performance has also been achieved under rigorous testing conditions including humidity exposure, extreme temperature, abrasion, and water solubility.