XTM-50 and XTA-50 optical tunable filters

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Yenista Optics has released an ultrafine option for its flat-top optical tunable filters, XTM-50 and XTA-50. This option reduces the minimum bandwidth to 32pm or 4GHz at 1550nm.

In the development of next generation 100Gb/s transmission systems, the need for extremely narrow tunable filters has emerged to investigate new modulation formats and their sub-bands. Yenista's ultrafine option meets this requirement by providing a higher selectivity to its XT range of filters. The option offers bandwidth adjustability from 32pm (4GHz) to 650pm (80GHz). In the standard version, these values are of 50-800pm and 500dB/nm respectively. The filters operate in the 1480 to 1620nm wavelength range and have very low dispersion and loss characteristic.