Z3D-Control, Z-MLLS, and ZQ-BLUE

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Z3D-Control not only means the support and optimization of the manufacturing process but also marker less measuring of the work piece with an impressive exactness of 1/10,000 of the measuring area. The laser based scan is able to detect profiles of less structured and uncooperative surfaces, thus allowing even the measurement of glowing steel.

However most important and unique advantage of Z3D-Control is its special control feature: In addition to the common comparison between 3D-scandata and the CAD scheme, Z3D-Control indicates the defective areas via laser projection directly on the work piece. This function gives the worker an exactly located correction field and instruction.


- Laser protection class 2M, IP65 rated

- Environmental temperature range of 5 to 40°C

- Data exchange formats: STL, X3D, ASCII (on board)


The Moveable Line Laser System was introduced to the market at TIRE Technology expo in Cologne, Germany. It has attracted great attention among tire specialists.

The system consists of one static and two counter-moving line lasers (up to 300mm/s). It is controlled via a portable tablet-PC or via an interface of your machine tool control. The Z-MLLS was specifically designed for tire construction machines and is indispensable for tire production.


- Maintenance-free linear axle with spindle

- Projection accuracy ± 0,2mm/m with parallel laser projections

- Red (635nm) or green (532nm) wavelenghts available

- Interfaces: RS-485, USB. Optional: Ethernet, WLAN, others on request

Special customer requests concerning mounting or variable laser components (red, green or blue line / 30° or 90° fan angle) are available on demand.


ZQ-Blue is the latest addition to the ZQ model family. The blue laser complements laser sources with an output up to 1,000mW.

ZQ-Blue is available with standard interfaces like RS-232 (optionally RS-485) and modulation up to 10 kHz. It serves particularly well the demands of the steel industry: The blue laser is highly suited for projection on shining, metallic and glowing surfaces. The minimization of distractive reflection due to the blue wavelength means increased visibility of the laser line.


- Blue 450nm up to 1,000mW output

- 24VDC supply voltage

- Separate optics and laser source