ZFSM upgrade for LP-HFD

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LP-HFD laser projectors from Z-Laser will now be equipped with the company’s ZFSM fibre coupled laser. This new product is suitable for applications with the high requirements in projection accuracy.

The ZFSM system separates the optics from the laser source via an optical fibre with an electronics harness. The heat generated by electronics and the laser source has no direct influence on the optics, which results in a higher projection stability.

Optical properties of optical fibres are superior compared to bare laser diodes in terms of the beam profile (M² ~ 1.05) and the geometry of the dispersion. ZFSM yields small and perfectly round spots for point projection optics.

The standard optics are focusable up to 7m and tele-optic allows a focussing range of up to 15m which will be available soon.