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Z-Laser, a manufacturer of lasers and laser systems, has announced the release of its re-designed ZQ family of laser sources.

The new versions offer higher power and outstanding beam and laser line quality for several types of projections: fibre, homogeneous lines, collimated beam and structured light. The new ZQ2 high-precision laser source system boasts a boresight accuracy of less than 3mrad and outputs up to 7000mW at wavelengths between 600-1100nm.

The Z1000Q1-F-808 is the only laser on the market with an output of 1W at 808nm and is accurate to 300μm (FWHM; in 1500mm focus), making it ideal for applications that require the highest measuring resolutions. The internal design of the ZQ1 is laser coupled with an integrated thermoelectric cooler that allows a very high level of stability and minimum bore sight error.

Both products feature integrated optics, electronics and active temperature control in a self-contained enclosure and support a variety of communication interfaces: RS-232, USB, Ethernet, PLC, each of them galvanically isolated.