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Graticules Optics

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Company Overview

We are all about Micropatterns. With a pedigree going back over 70 years, Graticules Optics is a proven world-class designer and manufacturer of precision micropattern products, including reticles, apertures, resolution charts, transmission gratings, calibration scales and TEM grids. Recently we have added photomasks to our portfolio. We specialise in providing standard and custom solutions, working closely with our customers to achieve optimum results.

Graticules Optics is unique in offering photolithographic products on glass, film and in metal foil, with the added bonus of coatings, cementing, mounting and small optical assembly.

The philosophy of our business is very simple: To deliver first class products and services to our customers, on-time and to specification. Experience gives us the ability to provide guidance to our customers to ensure total satisfaction.

We export globally to a diverse range of industries, including metrology, defence, photonics, electro-optics, aerospace, instrumentation, light microscopy and electron microscopy,.

Graticules Optics is proud to be part of the SDI Group plc.


Contact Details

Graticules Optics Ltd

17/19 Morley Road


Kent, TN9 1RN

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1732 360460


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