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On demand - Innovation Award Shortlist: Quantum & Sensors, test and measurement / Optical measuring systems

Now available on-demand, hear from speakers representing the shortlisted companies in both the Quantum category + Sensors, test and measurement / Optical measuring systems / Imaging category from this year's Laser World of Photonics Innovation Award.



Hear from ColdQuanta and its Albert Quantum Matter Design Platform (for the Quantum category), alongside Emberion (about the VS20: Wide spectral range VIS-SWIR) and Perspectiva Solutions (both in the Sensors category), which will highlight its HUARIS product.
This webcast is aimed at chief technical officers (CTOs), heads of research and development (R&D), business development teams and representatives from academia wanting to learn about new, exciting technologies that have been acclaimed by an independent jury of industry experts.


ColdQuanta (for the Quantum category)
Anjul Loiacono, Vice President Quantum Signal Processing
Albert: Quantum Matter Design Platform
Albert is a quantum sensing and signal processing engineering and design environment that enables the design and development of quantum devices without relying on quantum experts. It can be used to design and prototype sensors applicable to a wide range of industries including vehicle navigation and guidance, defence, quantum education and research, environmental monitoring and material and chemical development. Albert's core technologies are currently installed on the International Space Station as part of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's next-generation Cold Atom Laboratory.


Emberion (Imaging/Sensors)
Dr. Samiul Haque, Senior Product Manager

VS20: Wide spectral range VIS-SWIR camera
Emberion’s VS20 camera is a visible to SWIR solution based on its sensor covering a wide spectral range from 400-2000nm. The company designs and produces high-performance VIS-SWIR sensors integrated into a camera targeted for machine vision and surveillance applications. Sensors are based on the integration of nanomaterials and in-house designed CMOS read-out integrated circuits. The VS20 is shipping and being deployed to various customers e.g. in surveillance, medical, semiconductor and optical sorting industries.


Perspectiva (Imaging/Sensors)
Krzysztof Jakubczak, CEO


Huaris is a preventive maintenance system for lasers. It uses artificial intelligence to automate laser beam characterisation. The market problem that the system addresses is long down-times of laser systems when they get broken. Additionally, the system allows remote monitoring of the lasers. Huaris monitors the laser beam in the real time. It takes only milliseconds to diagnose the laser. All that is done remotely and fully automatically. Any number of lasers can by monitored simultaneously at any location worldwide. Now lasers can get online, real-time monitoring at the mass scale.

Greg Blackman, Editor of Imaging and Machine Vision Europe


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