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Clean energy by inertial fusion energy: The future of ion beam sputtering technology

White Paper from Laseroptik

Clean energy by inertial fusion energy: A White Paper from Laseroptik

This White Paper details advances in production of laser optics, including methods to extend the lifespan and increase the laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) of the kind of dielectric optics that are essential for large-scale laser facilities. These high-power laser pulses are increasingly being investigated for developing inertial fusion power plants, paving the way for CO2 free energy generation.

The laser has become invaluable in a number of fields, contributing to advances in research and technological breakthroughs. Ultra-short and high-power laser pulses can enable groundbreaking applications, including inertial confinement fusion, which has the potential to generate CO2 neutral power. The success of such projects is dependent on the quality of optical components, particularly their LIDT.

Who should read this White Paper?

This White Paper is useful reading for researchers, scientists, and engineers involved in laser technology, optical coating, and energy generation. It is designed to provide in-depth insights into the challenges and solutions in producing high-quality large optics for powerful laser systems.

What does this White Paper cover?

  • Readers of this White Paper can gain knowledge about the state-of-the-art techniques in optical coatings, specifically ion beam sputtering (IBS). The paper discusses the intricacies of achieving high LIDT and long-lasting coatings, necessary for applications like laser-driven inertial fusion power plants.
  • Find out how harnessing inertial fusion energy is dependent upon powerful laser systems and the deposition of large-sized laser optics. This white paper outlines the technological challenges and innovative solutions in producing these crucial components, aiming to make fusion power a viable, sustainable energy source.
  • Laser optics production: This document contains a detailed exploration of techniques to enhance the durability and performance of laser optics.
  • Ion beam sputtering: Find out more about the advantages of IBS over other coating methods, in particular, its precision and reproducibility.
  • Future Applications: Gain insights into ongoing projects and potential future developments in laser technology and fusion energy.

The advancements in ion beam sputtering and optical coatings could be set to revolutionise the production of large-scale optics that could, in turn, prove critical for the future of inertial fusion energy. This White Paper offers a comprehensive guide to these cutting-edge technologies, essential for anyone involved in the field.


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