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Unlocking Precision: How to ensure stable laser output for advanced microscopy applications

Laser Light Engine Output Stability

Laser Light Engine Output Stability - A White Paper from Lumencor

The increasing requirements for spectral, spatial, and temporal performance in cutting-edge microscopy hardware to handle intricate biological data collection are substantial. The consistency and quality of light play a crucial role in enhancing sensitivity, discrimination, resolution, and overall image quality.

This White Paper details the importance of consistent and stable laser light output in advanced microscopy applications, particularly for imaging biological specimens. It introduces Lumencor's CELESTA Light Engine, which offers a solution with seven individually addressable solid-state lasers, each emitting at different wavelengths.

Who should read this White Paper?

This White Paper would make a valuable resource for researchers, scientists, and professionals working in the field of microscopy, particularly those involved in advanced biological imaging applications. It would also benefit anyone interested in understanding the importance of laser light stability and its implications for microscopy techniques.

Who should read this White Paper

An introduction to the challenges surrounding increasing demands for spectral, spatial, and temporal performance in microscopy hardware.
The importance of light quality and consistency in enhancing sensitivity, discrimination, resolution, and overall image quality in biological imaging.
An introduction to Lumencor's CELESTA Light Engine as a solution for addressing these challenges.
An evaluation of the temporal stability of the CELESTA light output through continuous and pulsed output stability testing methods.
Analysis of time-lapse imaging experiments to assess the stability of reflected excitation light, comparing continuous and pulsed illumination modes.

What this White Paper covers

The Lumencor CELESTA light engine integrates seven independent solid-state lasers with advanced electronic control to offer unparalleled optical power and performance. The lasers feature sophisticated control and monitoring systems to deliver the performance needed for spinning disk confocal microscopy, spatial transcriptomics and other advanced imaging applications, so, if a microscopist requires high irradiance across a large field, the CELESTA Light Engine can deliver reliable results. 


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