White Papers

09 June 2022

Freeform optical elements give optical designers new and exciting degrees of freedom when it comes to designing optics for illumination applications. These same freeform elements can also add a new layer of complexity to the design process due to added degrees of freedom.

09 June 2022

Specifications for illumination systems for biomedical imaging and industrial metrology generally converge on spectral, spatial and temporal light output characteristics.

26 May 2022

Spectroscopy plays a key role in the future of agriculture. In this white paper, Avantes shows you how this technology helps the market work smarter and more efficiently.

25 May 2022

This White Paper by MKS Instruments discusses the basic dynamics, performance, advantages and disadvantages of principal design solutions for vibration-isolated platforms.

17 May 2022

This white paper will review the theory of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing and explain how it can be used to simply and quickly assess the quality of optical systems.