White Papers

19 November 2021

With the development of next generation high-energy solid-state lasers, comes the need for laser crystals and optics to meet new demanding requirements. As pulse energy continues to increase, optic component manufacturers are challenged to meet these new needs. The laser damage threshold of the optical thin film coatings used for these critical system components has historically been one of the limiting factors. For medical, industrial, scientific, and defense applications it is becoming increasingly important to not only meet the spectral performance, but also to protect the optical surfaces with coatings that show high laser induced damage threshold (LIDT). This white paper highlights how Northrop Grumman SYNOPTICS optical coating solutions are ideally placed to meet these high LIDT needs in the UV, Visible and NIR spectrums

18 November 2021

Dual-frequency comb spectroscopy permits broadband precision spectroscopic measurements with short acquisition time.

02 November 2021

Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) of an optical component de nes the maximum intensity the component can resist before the onset of laser damage and as a result is a critical parameter for any modern laser system, with the LIDT de ning the maximum possible intensity.

02 November 2021

Wavelength Electronics’ LFI3751 temperature controller provided the precision to support a new biosensor developed in Spain and based on the oxygen-dependent degradation domain of HIF-1α. The biosensor provides critical information about the size and location of in vivo tumors, as well as their micro-environment. The LFI maintained the narrow linewidth and stable wavelength necessary for fluorescence spectroscopy with integration times of 0.5 seconds and measurement increments of 1nm.