White Papers

04 November 2019

Microchips are extremely useful when studying sample sizes less than a milliliter in volume.

15 October 2019

Due to climate change, population growth and many other factors, farms will need to adapt to ever-worsening conditions. Spectroscopy plays a key role in developing the future of these farms.

01 October 2019

The conventional optical design approach results in designs that are very sensitive to manufacturing and alignment errors, which means the optical product is difficult to repeatedly manufacture successfully.

A new method, called High-Yield Optimization, produces designs that meet tight performance specifications, provide a higher manufacturing yield, and lower manufacturing costs through less waste.

17 September 2019

The whitepaper compares achievable accuracy of Rayleigh Scatter based beam profiling with conventional methods and builds the link to ISO11146 compliance although non-contact beam profiling isn’t listed in the ISO yet.

12 September 2019

Laser Machining Stock Image.

Surface flatness is a critical parameter for many laser systems but also a key cost driver. In this paper we explore the effect it can have on the focused spot size in a laser material processing system