White Papers

11 September 2020

In this application note the optimisation of gold nanoparticles are investigated using Edinburgh Instruments Raman microscope for the development of a SERS glucose sensor.

03 September 2020

We review factors that contribute to output pulses of PIN photodetectors tending to have a longer fall time than rise time. Factors include photocarrier transit effects, diffusion current, saturation, and circuit design.

17 August 2020

This white paper provides operating lifetime projections for Lumencor’s light engines based on an analysis of service histories, cost considerations of solid-state light engines v. arc lamps, and a presentation of optical output stability data.

13 August 2020

False positives can largely be eliminated by using an ultra-low noise laser with long-term power stability and one that is designed specifically for such demanding 24/7 inspection applications.

30 July 2020

We describe how machine vision inspection systems can help to improve quality while reducing costs.