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Avantes launches Pacto spectrometer

Avantes has released its Pacto spectrometer, a versatile and powerful device suited to applications ranging from in-line quality control in fruit sorting, to blood analysis in the medical field.

The Pacto is available in multiple configurations, each designed to accommodate specific applications and requirements. No matter which configuration is chosen, users can expect excellent optical characteristics, a strong signal-to-noise ratio, and an overall high-end performance at a fast speed. 

The Pacto is also compatible with Avantes light sources, accessories, and AvaSoft software, ensuring easy integration with other products or systems.

One of the key features that sets the Pacto apart from other spectrometers is its customisability to fit specific needs. Using different gratings and slits, the performance of the Pacto can be tailored to the application. Additionally, the Pacto offers the option to choose from different communication protocols, further enhancing its versatility.


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