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DSP 200

Instrument Systems has introduced a new, versatile photometer, the DSP 200, which has an extremely broad measuring range from 0.1mlx to 200klx for all common light sources, including pulse-width modulated LEDs.

The newly-developed photometer uses a silicon photovoltaic cell as a detector that achieves exceptional stability and a high degree of accuracy due to integrated innovative cooling to 0°C. The silicon photodiode is adjusted precisely to spectral luminous efficiency and has a light-sensitive surface of only 6 x 6mm. This ensures an excellent local resolution that pays off, in particular for light sources with sharp gradients and new applications such as glare-free headlights, pixel headlights and scans due to the cut-off line.

The most common use of the DSP 200 is on-the-fly goniometric raster measurements. The fast internal sampling rate enables light distributions of pulse-width modulated light sources with a wide range of pulse frequencies to be measured accurately, even with extremely short switch-on cycles. The high data transmission rate enables the measurement of even high-resolution rasters in the shortest of times.


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