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MarSurf CD

Mahr, a provider of dimensional metrology solutions, has introduced the first in new a line of surface finish and contour measurement systems, the MarSurf contour drive (CD) series. The MarSurf CD series offers high levels of speed, flexibility and precision when measuring the shape of a surface, providing dimensional information such as angles, depths, distances and radius. This enables users to improve the manufacturing quality of workpieces with faster throughput, higher accuracy, and more flexibility for a broader range of workpieces.

The innovative design of the new MarSurf series significantly increases the speed of all moving axes to reduce the cycle time of the measurement process, enabling higher throughput. The drive units of the MarSurf CD series move the contour probe with positioning speeds of up to 200mm/s, making the systems up to 25 times faster than predecessors. All z-axis columns on the measuring stands of the MarSurf CD series are fully CNC-capable with fast positioning speeds of 50 mm/s. The high dynamic response of the probe system also allows for significantly higher measuring speeds with newly-designed probe arms.


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