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Laird Thermal Systems unveils new thermoelectric cooler series


Laird Thermal System's optical TEAs are designed for analytical, industrial, and aerospace image-sensing applications. (Image: Laird Thermal Systems)

Laird Thermal Systems has developed the new OptoTEC MSX Series of micro multistage thermoelectric coolers for high-performance image sensing applications.

The MSX Series utilises advanced ceramic materials, proprietary solder bonding techniques, and next-generation thermoelectric materials to boost cooling capacity by as much as 10%, Laird Thermal Systems says.

The Optical TEAs are designed for analytical, industrial, and aerospace image sensing applications.

The multistage MSX Series TECs offer micro footprints on the cold side down to 2.0 x 4.0mm with thicknesses down to 3.3mm for 2-stage, 3.8mm for 3-stage and 4.9mm for 4-stage coolers.

The packing fraction for thermoelectric elements enables a high heat pumping capacity of up to 5W, with lower operating currents than traditional multistage coolers, according to the firm. It adds that the micro multistage thermoelectric coolers deliver reliable temperature stabilisation from room temperature down to 180 Kelvin with no outgassing.

Laird Thermal Systems says it has invested in advanced automation equipment to integrate the multistage coolers into miniature optical packages in-house (including TO-39, TO-46, and TO-8), reducing assembly time and costs and improving repeatability. 

The MSX Series is undergoing Telcordia GR-468 CORE qualification to ensure high repeatability and long-life operation in optical environments.

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