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Photonics Frontiers 2024 is here!

Photonics Frontiers 2024

Celebrate the International Day of Light with us as we unveil Photonics Frontiers 2024!

Join us for our 2024/25 season of activities, including print, online, and both digital and in-person events, all centered around real-world photonics technologies.

There are some changes in its second year. The view across life sciences and medical categories has been split but, across the whole subject spectrum, we delve into innovative applications and breakthroughs driven by photonics, with a special emphasis on implementations by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Project editor, Jessica Rowbury – former editor of Electro Optics – has found fascinating stories and sourced interviews from those working for and in the following markets: aerospace, automotive, defence, environment & energy, life sciences, manufacturing, medical, and optical communications.

Don't miss this exclusive release, commemorating Theodore Maiman's first laser operation in 1960, and explore thought leadership and case studies from industry giants like Hamamatsu Corporation, Avantes, Omega Optical, Lumencor, Inc. and Chroma Technology Corp.

Experience the full spectrum of groundbreaking insights and innovation at Frontiers 2024 by registering for free.

Be part of the conversation and share your thoughts on social media using hashtag #PhotonicsFrontiers2024

The print edition of Photonics Frontiers will be mailed with the June edition of Electro Optics from June 14.


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