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Techspec Monolithic Reflective Beam Expanders

Edmund Optics’ new Techspec Monolithic Reflective Beam Expanders (Mark I), are ideal for applications that require broadband or achromatic beam expansion. They feature an all-reflective design and provide λ/10 wavefront error for precision broadband performance in UV, visible, and IR applications from 250nm to 10µm. Their innovative, monolithic design ensures high precision with minimal wavefront distortion, excellent performance and superior stability, independent of temperature changes.

The beam expanders integrate design elements such as reflective flats, thread holes and through holes for easy alignment, mounting, and integration into any laser application. They are available in 2x, 3x and 5x magnifications with a choice of enhanced aluminium, bare gold, or protected aluminium coating options for UV, visible, and IR spectra. The RoHS-compliant beam expanders are manufactured from an aluminium 6060-T6 substrate and provide an entrance aperture of 4mm.

Techspec Monolithic Reflective Beam Expanders are compatible with a large variety of light sources, especially UV lasers including excimer and Nd:YAG; IR lasers such as Nd:YAG, CO2 and quantum cascade; ultrafast Lasers such as ti:sapphire and fibre; and tuneable lasers such as ti:sapphire, dye and quantum cascade.


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