Alrad Instruments

Helio-Strob compact 75

Helio-Strob compact 75, distributed by Alrad Instruments, is a mobile strobing light source for industrial use. Extremely short flash impulses with constant brightness enable the slowed-down observation mode of fast processes

LAP laser sensor

Alrad Instruments' new LAP laser sensor allows users to measure the dimensions of an object without touching its surface

LaserShields' NoIR safety goggles

Alrad Instruments (Berkshire, UK) distributes American manufacturer LaserShields' NoIR line of high quality laser goggles, marketed towards medical, dental, industrial, scientific and military applications

PCX-7451 quasi-CW laser diode driver

Alrad has introduced its PCX-7451 225-Amp quasi-CW laser diode driver. The PCX-7451 is an air-cooled, high power pulsed current source designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays

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