AP Technologies

AP Technologies

At booth A14 AP Technologies will be showcasing OtO Photonics’ crossed-cavity C-T spectrometer ‘HummingBird’, which offers the performance of the firm’s SmartEngine in a significantly reduced package of just 83 x 75.5 x 26.75mm³. The optical bench provides excellent rigidity, ensuring a platform with high thermal, humidity, shock and vibration stability.

AP Technologies

AP Technologies will be demonstrating compact, high performance spectrometers from OtO Photonics

AP Technologies Limited

APT distributes high performance optoelectronic components from Ultraviolet to near infrared.  Our capabilities include high power LEDs and arrays;  single- & multimode laser diodes; silicon photodiodes;  photodiode-preamplifier hybrids; Silicon Photomultipliers (SPMs) and Photon Counting systems.


Opto Diode Corporation has released the ODA-5W-100k, which combines a high responsivity 5mm² active area silicon photodiode with a low noise preamplifier with 100kOhm transimpedance gain. The instrument will be distributed by AP Technologies.


AP Technologies has released Opto Diode Corporation's new red-enhanced ODD-3W-2 silicon bi-cell photodiode.

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