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AP Technologies

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AP Technologies

Telephone: +44 1225 780400



AP Technologies is a UK distributor of optoelectronic components including:

  • UV, visible & NIR LEDs
  • Singlemode and multimode laser diodes and visible laser modules
  • Photodiodes & APDs
  • Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs)
  • IR Detectors & Emitters
  • NIR & visible photon counting systems
  • Fibre optic sub-systems
  • Liquid Crystal Fast Optical Shutters, Polarisation Modulators and ND/colour filters

Companies represented include Adaptive Lighting, Aurea Technology, Fibotec Fiberoptics, Fox Group,  IMM Photonics, LC-Tec, Lumex, QD Laser, RPMC/LDX Optronics  & SensL Technologies.

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