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AP Technologies has released Opto Diode Corporation’s new red-enhanced ODD-3W-2 silicon bi-cell photodiode. The low-noise detector has a noise equivalent power (NEP) of only 2.5 x 10-14 W/√Hz, with a high shunt resistance of 250 MΩ, (min.) and a low dark current of 2.5nA (max) at 5V.

Individual pixels are 2.54 x 1.22mm with excellent responsivity of 0.55 A/W at 900 nm. The ODD-3W-2 is packaged in a TO-5 package with a low-profile flat-window can giving maximum field-of-view and optimum location of any external optics such as filters. It is ideal for position-sensing applications, emitter alignment, and test-and-measurement.


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