Amc100 motion controller

Attocube, a developer of nanoprecise motion solutions, has released the Amc100, which is available for all industrial line temperature positioners


The new high-stability version, the ECR5050hs, now has a higher torque and an aperture that can be used as a feedthrough for wires or optical beams

ECSz5050 piezo drive

Nanopositioning of high loads, such as detectors or cameras can be a difficult task. Attocube's new ECSz5050 piezo drive has been developed to meet these demands


attocube's interferometric displacement sensors IDS and FPS (offering 1 pm resolution and10 MHz bandwidth) are now available with new sensor heads.


attocube's new high-sensitivity displacement sensor IDS3010 presents the perfect solution to satisfy these demanding requirements. It by far surpasses the performance of other commercial interferometry subsystems in terms of accuracy, speed, compactness,


The attoDRY800 comes to bear: it consists of an ultra-low vibration cold breadboard platform extensively integrated into an optical table, hence making use of the before often unused space underneath it.


Attocube has released the rotator ECR4040AP, which enables endless rotation both clockwise and anticlockwise with torques up to two Ncm

ECS positioning series

Focusing on the needs of today's nanotechnology industry for highly precise, reliable, and equally cost-effective positioning systems, Attocube systems has released its ECS positioning series

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