BFI Optilas

Torus miniature spectrometer

BFi Optilas now distributes Ocean Optics' Torus miniature spectrometer, a family of concave grating spectrometers that deliver scientific-grade stray light performance, stability and optical bench throughput

Mentad 1550nm pulsed fibre laser

BFi Optilas now distributes a new version of the Mentad 1,550nm pulsed fibre laser produced by Manlight, offering 500ps - 1.25µs pulses of up to 40µJ, 1.2W average power

PF Absorber volume sensors

Distributor BFi Optilas has introduced the PF Absorber line of high damage threshold power volume absorbers for short pulse lasers (<1µs), which are manufactured by Ophir

3A-P-THz power/energy sensor

BFi Optilas has announced that it is now distributing the 3A-P-THz power/energy sensor from Ophir, designed to measure THz light sources from very low power to very high power

Polarisers and beamsplitters

Distributor BFi Optilas has introduced a range of broadband low dispersion polarisers and broadband polarising beamsplitter cubes produced by Precision Photonics, as well as other optical components

Seed laser diode driver

Distributor BFi Optilas has added the OEM seed laser diode driver (Model 762), produced by Analog Modules, to its product portfolio


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