Elliot Scientific

Elliot Scientific

At booth B10 Elliot Scientific will be presenting its Elliot|Martock range of XYZ flexure stages, which are used for alignment and fibre launch in research and production environments. The firm will also be displaying its portfolio of miniature translation and rotary stages that are often incorporated into OEM products for the optical and semiconductor industries.

Gold Series flexure stages

Elliot Scientific is now shipping automated alignment packages comprising their latest in piezo controlled Elliot Martock Gold Series flexure stages

DALi 3

Elliot Scientific has introduced the latest generation of DALi for automated photonic device alignment


Elliot Scientific has introduced the ICE Box, an integrated control electronics system for semiconductor lasers from Vescent Photonics

508 TPI

The 508 TPI (0.05mm pitch) ultra-fine adjustment screw sets are now available in the UK and Ireland through Elliot Scientific

MatchBox series

Elliot Scientific has introduced the MatchBox series of CW Micro Lasers, manufactured by Integrated Optics UAB, for applications in chemistry and biophotonics, in particular Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging


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