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How multi-line lasers simplify and help commercialise biomedical imaging systems

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Multi-line lasers are an attractive alternative to laser combiners to simplify fluorescence-based imaging instrumentation. Furthermore, they help commercialise new, cutting-edge imaging systems for clinical use. This white paper explores the advantages of a permanently aligned multi-line laser, giving examples of how such a laser is used in microscopes developed at Julius-Maximilian-University of Würzburg and the University of Washington.

Hübner Photonics

At booth 214, hall 2, Hübner Photonics, with the Cobolt product line, will highlight the addition of 633nm and 785nm single transverse mode (STM) to its 08-01 series

Hübner Photonics

Hübner Photonics has expanded the range of options for the compact and flexible laser combiner, C-Flex, which it will present for the first time at Photonics West and BiOS

Tunable Laser Light Sources Advance Quantum Research

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A remarkable number of photonic applications call for continuous-wave (cw) laser light that is widely tunable throughout the visible range of the spectrum. However, this spectral region remains difficult to access with conventional tunable laser devices. This is why recently commercialized sources based on cw optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology have gained market awareness. In this white paper, the basic operating principles of such cw OPOs is discussed, followed by an illustrative example of how these OPOs help researchers analyse colour centers in diamond.


Hübner Photonics recently announced the availability of a new second generation T-SENSE, an all-in one sensor solution designed to improve the security and safety of postal facilities around the world

Widely tunable CW laser light across the visible

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OPO technology sets new standards in wavelength coverage of commercial systems. A remarkable number of photonic applications call for continuous-wave (cw) laser light that is widely tunable throughout the visible range of the spectrum. However, this spectral region remains difficult to access with conventional tunable laser devices. This is why recently commercialized sources based on cw optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology have gained market awareness - and become increasingly recognized as cost-effective and user friendly turn-key solutions.


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