Hübner Photonics acquires Valo Innovations

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Hübner Photonics has acquired Valo Innovations to expand its short pulse femtosecond fibre laser offering.

Based in Hannover, Germany, Valo Innovations was founded in 2018 by Dr Oliver Prochnow and Alexander Pape.

The company's fibre laser technology delivers pulse lengths of <50 fs and peak powers of >2 MW from compact and stable turn-key systems, and with fully integrated group-velocity dispersion pre-compensation control. The lasers bring very attractive features for applications in bioimaging, spectroscopy and micro-machining.

Valo Innovations will remain in Hannover and its femtosecond lasers will become a new product-line adding to Hübner Photonics' portfolio of laser products, including the Cobolt product-line of single-frequency CW and Q-switched ns lasers, the C-Flex laser combiners and the single-frequency CW laser; C-Wave.

Dr Håkan Karlsson, head of Hübner Photonics, commented: '[Valo's] innovative mind-set, engineering capabilities and customer orientation make a perfect fit with us and we are very much looking forward to being able to offer our customers these highly complementary products in the short pulse regimes, with the performance, quality and support they have become accustom to receiving from us.'

Dr Oliver Prochnow, co-founder and CEO of Valo Innovations, added: 'We are looking forward to the opportunity of growing the Valo laser product portfolio and accelerating our market access with the support of existing technical and sales competences of Hübner Photonics and its partners.'

Intelligent Infrastructure Solution (IIS) installed at an intersection in San Jose, CA. Credit: Velodyne Lidar

01 November 2022

Members of both parties sign the share purchase agreement. Image: Instrument Systems

04 August 2022