Heason Technology

IncOder angle encoders

Heason Technology has signed an agreement with the UK manufacturer Zettlex Limited for sales and system integration of its IncOder range of non-contact, inductive angle encoders

Kollmorgen VLM motors

Kollmorgen's new VLM servomotor series, now available from Heason Technology, is aimed at filling the gap between stepper and high-performance servo motors


Heason Technology has launched the new AirGlide Ultra Precise Air Bearing System

OFXY X-Y tables

Heason Technology has launched its OFXY range of open frame X-Y tables aimed at vision, optical and beamline system applications in metrology, quality inspection, and NDT.

FlexDC Motion Controller

Nanomotion has released its FlexDC Motion Controller, which is a dedicated single or dual axis control and drive unit for use with Nanomotion's range of high performance ceramic servo motors and positioning stages.

Z-Axis Auto Focus Stage

With high speed performance for both long travel and nanometre to micron range incremental moves, Nanomotion's motorised Z-Axis Auto Focus Stage provides a vertical positioning and focusing solution for automated microscope and imaging applications.

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