Holo/Or has developed a hexagonal multi-spot array with square edges, which it will be demonstrating at the show in San Francisco

DOE Tuner

Holo/Or has designed a variable beam tuner for use with its DOEs. Placing the DOE Tuner between the DOE and the focussing lens enables image size control in most elements

Multi-focal diffractive optical element

Holo/Or has launched a multi-focal (MF) diffractive optical element (DOE), which allows a single collimated incident beam to focus simultaneously at several focal lengths along the propagation axis

Vortex Lens

Diffractive optical element company Holo/Or has announced further advances in the design and quality of its Vortex lens product line


Holo/Or innovation has improved the performance of its Homogenizer diffuser product line

8x8 Multi Spot

Holo/Or has launched its new 8x8 Multi Spot diffractive optic for 2.94µm and 632.8nm light, offering high uniformity and high efficiency


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