JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH

Jenoptik's Optical Systems division is a development and production partner for optical, microoptical and optical coating components, opto-mechanical and opto-electronical assemblies, modules and systems as well as cameras and modules for digital microscopy and macroscopy.

Pulse Selector IOM

A new generation of pulse selectors makes Jenoptik modulators easier to control and increases their efficiency

wide-angle lens

The new Jenoptik 1.0 / 7.5mm wide-angle lens has been designed for thermographic cameras of the current VarioCAM HD and IR-TCM HD series.

Votan Solas Multi

Jenoptik's Votan Solas Multi is a laser machine for mass production systems that have structuring processes


Jenoptik has developed a new range of photodiodes with an angle-independent response spectrum

Votan W

This month Jenoptik is promoting its laser machine Votan W that can be used for a variety of processes including welding chute channels in instrument panels

VarioCAM high definition

Jenoptik has launched its new VarioCAM high-definition (HD) thermography camera series that has 3.1 Megapixel infrared resolution and a laser rangefinder for distance correction

JenLas fibre CW 1000

Jenoptik has launched the JenLas fibre CW 1000, its first product in the kilowatt fibre laser market, enabling it to extend its reach into the field of macro material processing

JenLas fibre cw 1000

Jenoptik has introduced its high beam quality laser source within the kilowatt power range, the JenLas fibre cw 1000


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