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Jenoptik Group revenue rises seven per cent year-over-year for first nine months of 2017

Photonics group Jenoptik's revenue rose by 7.0 per cent year-over-year to €526.8 million in the first nine months of 2017, with revenue increasing by 7.7 per cent in the third quarter alone. Growth was seen to be particularly strong in optical systems for the semiconductor equipment industry and in the healthcare & industry sector, leading to a record order intake for a nine-month period at €576.2 million, up 5.2 per cent on the prior year.

On a regional level, growth momentum came from abroad, particularly from the Americas, where revenue increased by a 34.9 per cent year-over-year to €120 million (from €89 million previously). Overall the share of revenue generated abroad rose to 71.3 per cent, up from 65.3 per cent last year.

‘Momentum in our business is strong and demand in our markets remains buoyant. In the third quarter, we also successfully completed another acquisition that will give us access to new markets and boost future growth in the USA,’ commented Stefan Traeger, president and CEO of Jenoptik.

In the first nine months of the year, the optics and life science segment posted a strong 16.3 per cent increase in revenue to €191.3 million (from €164.5 million previously). This performance was driven by a continuation of good business with solutions for the semiconductor equipment industry.

The healthcare & industry business unit also performed well. On the back of strong demand, the segment earnings before interest and tax improved significantly by 50.6 per cent to €36.9 million (previously €24.5 million). The order intake also rose sharply by 29.4 per cent to €222.8 million (up from €172.2 million).

Revenue in the mobility segment grew by 6.9 per cent to €180.6 million (from €169.0 million), with growth in business involving applications for the automotive industry as well as traffic safety technology.

Lastly, the defence & civil systems segment generated revenue of €155.1 million over the nine-month period, which as expected by Jenoptik was 4.4 per cent down compared to the same period last year (€162.2 million), where the invoicing of several major projects in energy and sensor systems previously boosted revenue.

Based on good order figures and traditionally strong year-end business, the Jenoptik executive board now expects revenue for the full year to come in between €720 million to €740 million organically.


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