D2 family disk laser

Jenoptik is now offering a family of 532nm CW disk lasers, with outputs of 2-8W, which will be sold in North America by RPMC Lasers

Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800/3600

Jenoptik has developed the Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800/3600 product family. In the system different processing modules can be integrated to provide a solution for all relevant photovoltaic laser processes

JenLas disk IR70

Jenoptik's Lasers and Material Processing division has introduced its infrared disk laser JenLas disk IR70. The JenLas disk IR70 laser meets the requirements of the new technologies in the field of photovoltaics


Jenoptik has launched the JenLas, a new laser that offers the required laser output for medical and entertainment applications, but at a reduced size

Fibre-coupled diode laser modules

The diode lasers business unit of Jenoptik's Lasers & Material Processing division has introduced its high-brightness fibre-coupled diode laser modules up to 65W optical output power

Volcano Laser Optics

Jenoptik Laser Systems, and its Innovent subsidiary, has introduced the new Volcano laser optics module, which creates a homogenous 200m long laser line for the crystallisation process of 50nm thick silicon layers

808nm diode bars

The Diode Lasers business unit of Jenoptik's Lasers and Material Processing division has introduced an 808nm cost-effective alternative to bars for medical applications, such as hair removal

Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800

Jenoptik has introduced the Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800, a laser material processing system for drilling of wafer-based solar cells in the photovoltaic industry

JenLas fibre series

Jenoptik has introduced the JenLas fibre OEM series offering ns- or CW-fibre lasers for a wide range of laser material processing applications


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