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Jenoptik has developed a new range of photodiodes with an angle-independent response spectrum. Compared with conventional silicon photodiodes, the new photodiodes detect a predefined wavelength range without the need for the insertion of an additional filter. Unlike dielectric filters, they also provide spectral receiving characteristics that are independent of the angle of incidence of the radiation.

The new photodiodes are suitable for all photometric applications where an extended measurement range (dynamic range) is required. Jenoptik’s photodiodes are made from materials such as GaP, AlGaN, AlGaAs, InGaAs, or SiC and are designed for a spectral range of 150 to 1750nm. Their detection is wavelength-selective, and they are characterised by their excellent signal and noise performance. In hermetically sealed special housings they are thermally stable up to 125°C.


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