Laser Components

Pyroelectric IR Detector Makes Invisible Flames Visible

The L2200D1810-JH pyroelectric detector from LASER COMPONENTS was developed to make H2 flames, which are invisible to the human eye, visible. For this purpose, the component includes a newly developed filter combination for IR emissions at 2.95µm. This makes it possible to detect hot water molecules produced during the combustion of hydrogen. A built-in reference prevents false alarms.

Trichroid Thin Film Polarisers

Laser Components has developed trichroid thinfilm polarisers (TFPs), which make it possible to simultaneously separate the polarisation of three wavelengths

Laser Components

At booth 1751, Laser Components will be highlighting its first Flexpoint line laser module in a square (65 x 15 x 15mm) casing. This latest addition to the Flexpoint MV series was designed for quick and easy installation during series production of 3D systems for industrial image processing. Focus, beam position and all other parameters can be aligned during production according to customer specifications.

1W 577nm yellow laser

In addition to our red, green and blue lasers, Laser Components now also offers a laser source emitting yellow light


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