Laser Components

SiTek Electro Optics ABs Position Sensing Detectors

Laser Components has released SiTek Electro Optics AB's Position Sensing Detectors (PSDs). As PSDs function according to the Lateral Effect Photodiode principle they display excellent resolution and speed in position detections applications

Laser module mounts

To align laser modules as comfortably and exactly as possible and simultaneously save as much time as possible, Laser Components has developed its own laser module mounts

1ns pulse laser driver

PicoLAS. This compact, base cooled unit is capable of driving diodes up to 3A at 100V and optimised for pulse-repetition rates from single-shot up to 35MHz via the SMC trigger input

Photodiodes with fibre pigtails

Laser Components Detector Group now manufactures avalanche photodiodes with fibre pigtails. With a semi-automatic assembly unit, the fibres can be adjusted precisely within a few microns and thus achieve coupling efficiencies of almost 100 per cent

SLM laser modules

Laser Components has introduced the SLM (single longitudinal mode) range of laser modules, available from PD-LD


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