Laser Components

Count Modules

The dynamic range of single photon detectors is an important parameter. Laser Components has reduced the dead time of the Count photon counters down to 42 ns - the previous dead time was 55ns

Protective eyewear

Laser Components can now provide protective laser eyewear to ensure the protection of customers, staff, or your eyesight


Laser Components has released the PD-LD, which has successfully coupled 5mW of green light from a 520nm laser diode into a tiny 2.2 micrometre core diameter fibre

LDP-VRM-01-12 CA

Laser Components, in partnership with its long term partners PicoLas has released a high speed laser diode driver designed for the high speed operation of 'typical' laser diodes for OEM applications.

DFB Triplexer Modules

The 1mW triplexer laser module are designed for fibre-optical testing devices for which several wavelengths are required

UV/IR viewers

Laser Components has introduced UV/IR viewers, which offer viewers superior clarity for applications where a very precise alignment of an invisible beam is required

Arima's 635 nm laser diode

Laser Components introduces Arima's new 635 nm laser diode with 500 mW
different TO housings. Two are available ADL-63V0BTP and ADL-63V0ANP


Laser Components has now added another module to its COUNT range, the COUNT-S. By using its own SAP500 and specially designed passive quenching circuits from qutools, the COUNT-S is a lower cost alternative to other photon counters available on the market


Laser Components has released the SEEPOS, a versatile PSD signal processing tool designed to interface with your PSD and connect directly to your computer


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