Laser Quantum

Laser Quantum

Visitors to Laser Quantum’s booth (1417) can learn about how the company’s lasers have been used in novel research across the globe. Products at the show include the Taccor 1 GHz femtosecond laser, a hermetically sealed, plug and play laser designed for nonlinear microscopy, THz generation and comb-based spectroscopic applications.

Laser Quantum

The Taccor comb being exhibited at Laser Quantum's booth is a complete frequency comb solution

The taccor comb - high power frequency comb with 1 GHz mode spacing

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Optical frequency combs based on femtosecond lasers have become invaluable tools in optical metrology and spectroscopy due to their unique ability to phase-coherently, linking the microwave and optical frequency domains. Combs based on lasers with 1 GHz repetition rate provide a unique combination of large mode spacing and high power coherent super-continuum generation.


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