Safety goggles

Laservision has introduced laser safety goggles with small head straps and malleable temples, allowing the user to adjust the inclination of the frame, for extra comfort

EN207-compliant safety spectacles

Laservision is one of the first manufacturers of safety spectacles worldwide to demonstrate that its eyewear meets the mode-locked specification of European laser eyewear standard EN 207.

P1205 pink filter

Laservision has introduced its new polycarbonate pink filter P1205 which provides excellent colour recognition, especially in the red, which is especially useful in medical treatments.


Laservision has developed a sophisticated filter that has now successfully passed the independent testing for R L7 and R L8 suitable for protection against q-swtiched laser beams.

Protective glasses

The increase in laser power over recent years has meant the people who operate lasers need higher-protection safety glasses, which can become heavier and less comfortable than using conventional materials.

Eye protection filters

Laservision has introduced two new eye protection filters, for users working on active optical fibre equipment or associated cables that generate laser or LED signals.

Laser windows

Laservision is now offering plastic windows for CO2 lasers, certified according to DIN EN 207. They can be being built into laser safety housings, and for integrated into laser marking systems.


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