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Q-switched lasers are finding more and more applications in both, industrial and medical applications, which has created an increase demand for laser eyewear with appropriate R protection ratings according to EN 207. Most of the laser systems demand either R L7 at 532nm and R L8 at 1064nm.

To keep pace with these changing market demands Laservision has developed a very sophisticated filter consisting of ion-doped mineral glass and dielectric coatings that has now successfully passed the independent testing for R L7 at >315-532nm and R L8 at 1030-1100nm. The filter provides OD 8+ at both, 532nm and 1064nm and has also been tested for mode locked lasers (pulse durations <10e-9s) with M L6, also at both >315-532nm and 1030-1100nm.

The filter is available in three different frame styles: over-the-glasses model PROTECTOR and spectacles model VISION with curved filters as well as model ECO with RX clip-in.