Mobius Photonics

Rainbow laser source

Mobius Photonics, an producer of short-pulsed fibre laser sources (IR, UV and visible wavelengths), has updated its Rainbow laser source

G2 lasers

Mobius Photonics, a producer of short-pulsed fibre laser sources, has announced the introduction of G2 - a family of short-pulsed, high-power, high-repetition-rate fibre laser sources

G1R3 pulsed fibre laser

Mobius Photonics has introduced its the G1R3, a fibre-based, short-pulse, and high-repetition-rate laser system that can generate ultraviolet, green, or infrared output

Meight connector

Mobius Photonics has developed the Meight connector, a detachable optical fibre connector designed for precision power applications, such as pump light delivery and fibre coupling in commercial and industrial lasers

Fibre laser for STED

Mobius Photonics has introduced an upgraded fibre laser that produces visible light with 20MHz pulse repetition rate to a leading European research institute, tailored for STED microscopy applications

Precision fibre laser

Mobius Photonics has demonstrated a fibre laser tailored for precision materials processing. The laser produces high-quality, micron-scale cuts, scribes and holes for applications such as wafer dicing

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