NKT Photonics

AeroPulse series

NKT Photonics has released the AeroPulse line of high power picosecond lasers - a portfolio of industrial-grade mode-locked fibre lasers based on NKT's photonics crystal fibre platform

Koheras X15

NKT Photonics has released the Koheras Basik X15, ultra low noise fibre laser for the growing fibre sensing market

SuperK Extend-UV

NKT Photonics has demonstrated what it is describing as the world's first tunable deep-UV supercontinuum-powered light source at this year's Laser World of Photonics show in Munich


NKT Photonics, the manufacturer of photonic crystal fibres, has announced the AeroGain-Rod fibres - a new generation of ytterbium gain fibres designed specifically for the ultra-fast fibre laser market


NKT Photonics has launched a new range of single-frequency high power Koheras Boostik lasers offering up to 15W output with low phase noise and narrow line width for applications such as atomic physics, sensing and lidar

SuperK Varia variable bandwidth filter

NKT Photonics has introduced its SuperK Varia, a computer-controlled variable bandwidth filter that effectively turns the SuperK supercontinuum white light source into a single-line laser with a 450nm tuning range

Gauss filter for SuperK lasers

NKT Photonics has launched its new Gauss filtering accessory for its SuperK line of supercontinuum fibre lasers for OCT and white light interferometry applications

DC-150-30-PM-Yb fibre

NKT Photonics has introduced a version of its Crystal Fibre series double clad fibre. The DC-150-30-PM-Yb is made with Crystal Fibre patented airclad technology and features low photodarkening


NKT Photonics has introduced a new version of its Crystal Fibre series of double-clad rod type fibres. The DC-285/100-PM-Yb-ROD is based on the company's patented airclad technology.


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