Pacer International

Axetris Infrared Sources

Pacer International has signed an agreement with Swiss company Leister Process Technologies to distribute their Axetris range of infrared light sources for gas sensing applications in the mid-infrared range

Hyperspectral Imager

Pacer International has announced that it is now distributing a Hyperspectral Imager produced by Photon etc. The compact and portable imager can be used with a selection of cameras

OP2xx series

Optek's comprehensive range of miniature surface mount infrared LEDs and phototransistors is now fully available from Pacer International.

ML5xxx High Performance Laser Diodes

A new series of high power 808nm laser diodes from Mitsubishi Electric offers output rates up to 60W, high efficiencies and longer lifetimes. Samples are now available from Pacer International.

Isobeam Fusion Collimator

Pacer International is distributing the new Isobeam Fusion Collimator from LightPath to protect marking fibre lasers working at high peak power by suppressing back reflection and backscattering.


The Mitsubishi ML5xxx series of high performance laser diodes (HPLDs), provided by Pacer International, are suitable for materials processing, medical, test and measurement and scientific applications.


Pacer has introduced new light-to-digital converters from TAOS, which are specifically designed to extend the battery-life of display panels, and to provide optimum viewing in diverse lighting conditions.

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