ZeeScope is a new generation of digital microscope providing full 2D and 3D imaging capabilities

BeamWave CCD beam-profiler

PhaseView has released its BeamWave CCD beam-profiler for simultaneous measurement of intensity distribution and wavefront with at-pixel resolution

WaveGauge wavefront sensor

PhaseView has introduced its WaveGauge digital wavefront sensor, able to provide an unprecedented amount of wavefront data on a super-resolution 500 x 500 grid with at-pixel (6.45µm) resolution.

DWC beam profiler

PhaseView has introduced the smart, all-in-one, compact DWC beam profiler, which performs beam propagation analysis in one shot.

Digital Wavefront Cameras

PhaseView has released its new range of digital wavefront cameras. The cameras are cost-effective optical instruments, providing a high resolution and high dynamic range

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